The year gone by..

Today is the second day of the Blogathon prompted by Dreamy Mommy and the prompt  is Introspection into the year gone by.

Our New Year’s Eve was spent in typical fauji style with a lot of great music,good company,lipsmacking delicacies,booze on the house,dancing into the night,games and prizes et all.

I went through all the various albums on my laptop to recall the year gone by.It was wonderful remembering all the good times…and the not so good ones.

So presenting a few glimpses of my eventful year ……

January ….We were where the whole world seemed to be.Yes..the greatest religious congregation of people on earth..the Kumbh Mela at Allahabad…my home town.The experience of visiting those camps and ghats was both enriching as well as entertaining.Not to forget those mouthwatering kachoris and garmagaram jalebis.

kumbh 013February saw us enjoying picnics and spending quality time with familypark 057March was hectic…what with Munch’s exams.It just flew.

April…the new session began in full swing…as our school shifted to a new building..there was lot of hard work…new ideas…new experiments..had fun doing up the new campus.

and 147May and June ….vacation time …and we packed our bags to join hubby in Assam for some family time and a much needed break,

DSC07357The highpoint of July had to be Munch’s much awaited 9th birthday celebrations.You can read about her Alice in Wonderland tea party here.

9th bday 090August had been the busiest month for me.What with festivals and birthdays and amidst  all this the news of our posting.The month was most chaotic as I packed up my entire house in steel boxes and paper cartons and shifted to a whole new place…Ranchi.

If August was busy,September was busiest as we had to run around schools for mid session admissions for the children and make ourselves comfortable in the guest room for lack of accomodation in the Cantonmen t(which was the lowest point of the year and a huge disappointment).In between we managed to squeeze out time for a visit to some famous places in the city.

ranchi 013October was the Pooja month..although still homeless…we went around pandal hopping.and .gourmet dinners to celebrate the biggest festival in the Bengali calender.

diwali 005Another major achievement in January was that I got through the interview with flying colours and got myself a job again in the Army School with a break of only a month in between.That was lucky as Officers’ wives wait for this interview for months and there was a lot of tough competition for the job.

Continuing the festive spirit,November was the Diwali month and we were still homeless.But that did not deter us from celebrating the festival and we made our mess our  home for the same..

diwali 022December saw us shifting into a home albeit a temporary acoomodation and again there was a lot of pressure of unpacking and settling down.Within a few days of shifting, we also celebrated Perk’s fourth birthday.birth 010The year 2013 has been great for me with only minor and negligible hiccups and I hope this year brings my family good health,good luck and positive energy.




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