AmidstĀ  all the ups and downs,highs and lows ,2013 is finally over.All in all it was a mixed bag!We finally ended our three and a half year long separation and reunited as a family this year.That was the biggest high.And the biggest low this year has to be my brother’s broken marriage which came as a shocker to the entire family.

Anyways, I wish to begin the next year with new hopes,new horizons,new opportunities and plan to live life with all my heart.

Do I have a list?Of course I do!Don’t we women make lists for everything?

So here’s my list of New Year resolutions…

1. Stop being an emotional fool.Its been years yet tears come so easily to me.I do not want to display my emotions in front of people who would think my tears are a sign of my weakness.But this trait does not seem to leave me.So I would request all you friends to give me suggestions on how to control my tears.I know to control your temper you count from 1..50 but what about tears that roll down for whatever reason be it happiness,hurt or trauma.So,No. 1 is to be strong.

2. Spend maximum time with the girls.Be as much a part of their childhood as I can.Shower them with love,care,hugs,kisses,gifts and whatever it takes to make them feel special.They are and will be my Universe for as long as I live.

3. Like all women who are never too happy about their weight ,I too desperately would do all I can to loose a few inches and kilos.But how?I’ve still to figure that out.

4. I would love it if I took to driving this year.Puts a lot of burden off hubby and does a lot of good to me and the gals like “a girls day out!”God give me the courage!

5. Stop being a Shopaholic.Yes!Stop buying more clothes for yourself,more bedsheets,cushion covers,pots and plants.You already have more than you can manage .So for God’s sake.

6. Take time out for facials,pedicures and manicures more often.What the hell! I am 35 and I need all the pampering.

7. Last but not the least,take good care of the hubby by cooking what he likes,watching his favorite News channels with him,going for dinners together,looking after the kids together….I mean all that we’ve not done in the last three years.Till life comes a full circle and its time to say goodbye to Hubby again as he steps out for another hard tenure in the field.In short,keep the good times coming and flowing and running.

I hope I will be ticking off those one by one throughout the year and come back here again to remind myself if I forget.

Wishing all my fellow bloggers a Happy New Year and Happy Blogging!!