Back to Work…

Yes I know.I’ve not posted in a long..long..time.

There were several reasons.First of them was “Phailin” which struck Orissa but Ranchi too had heavy thunderstorms and rains.All over the place around 200 trees and a number of electric poles fell.As a result there was no electricity for ten days.We were using generators just to keep our phones alive.

Second.. and most daunting reason for not attending to the blog was I was too low and depressed to write anything.Due to some circumstances which came up,it is possible that we will not be getting a house at all in the station or may have to accomodate in a smaller one.With the kids growing up and parents living close by,this was bad news for me.Munch has just joined school mid-term and I cannot go anywhere till the term end.But to live without a house for so long is getting me down…

And finally the third reason for being away and may be the only silver lining was that I have got a job again in Perk’s school which means I am back to doing what I like best and this opportunity gives me some time off from brooding over house issues.

Wish me luck so that next time I am here to share some more good news with you.

Till then…

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