Time for new beginnings..

The family is now slowly settling down in the new location.We are now in the capital of one of the newer states of India ie Jharkhand.Yes,we  have moved to Ranchi.

The girls have both got admissions into schools of my liking.While Munch’s school is a bit far off and she is now home by only around 4 ,I have put Perk in one which is quite close by.This is the first time Perk would be going to school on her own as till now I have been accompanying her.I also feel the void of not working anymore but I would like to wait for some more time before I decide to pick up a job.The previous school which Perk went to had no uniform ,so this is the first time she put on a uniform to school.And she was so proud of herself.

ranchi 006 And ta..da..right behind her is our first purchase from the city..yes!..a bunk bed  for the sisters..Do you like it?I love it..love the fact that I was able to get something which was not pink  yet girlie.

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