An update..

Hey Friends,

Its been a long time since my last post.The reason…we are moving.Yes…my husband has got his posting to a peace station after  three and a half years of separation.So,I am busy packing up my home ,literally,in boxes of steel and paper cartons.But this time the morale and the spirits are high as we are going to be staying as a family after a long time.The kids will get to see their father regularly and vice versa and not just for two months in a year.We have missed being together although life in the army teaches one to be strong but these three years of being a single parent has drained me out.It would be a relief to have Hubby around to share the responsibilities,the joys and the sorrows and above all the traumas of parenting.I will take some time off  and let the Father take over for some time while I put my feet up and relax…..

2 thoughts on “An update..

  1. So you are moving out of Allahabad. Though that means our plans of catching up in Allahabad are now up in the air, I am really happy for you and your family. My husband has been out for a month and managing everything has taken a toll on me. He was here for the weekend and I felt so relaxed 😀 This when we do not have kids. I know it would have been tough for you.. but you did great 🙂

    Re-locating is always difficult but when it’s for all the good reasons, the pain lessens. Right? Take your time to settle down at the new place, while we wait for you to come back to the blogging world.

    Take care! Travel safe.

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