The Birthday Post-2

This is a continuation of Munch’s Birthday posts.In the first part, I showed you a few glimpses of the decor.

The kids started trickling in one by one and we started off with the games immediately. As the rain threat loomed large,I decided to have all the games one after another.

First up,the children were blindfolded and one by one tried to fix the grin on the Chesire cat.This was fun as the kids cheered each other and had a hearty life seeing each others efforts.

DSCN6596 DSCN6598Next up, we played musical corners with the four corners being the Kings Corner,Queen’s Corner,Jack’s Corner and Ace.After each round of music,one of the corners would be eliminated by a draw of cards.

9th bday 0369th bday 0279th bday 031Cousin K made these …Gorgeous..aren’t they?

The next game was a memory game where I showed the kids a whole lot of random things arranged on a tray and they had 30 seconds to write down all they could remember.

Looking carefully

Looking carefully

9th bday 057After this we had an exciting  Tea cup relay race where the kids were divided into two groups and the team which would fill their respective buckets with water first with the help of tea cups would be the winners.There were lots of spills and splashes and laughter and squeals rang in the air.

9th bday 0349th bday 045After this, we played the ever popular game of Musical chairs….

9th bday 062and you can see the excitement on their faces!!

Finally,we had a treasure hunt which was to find the key to the Mad Hatter’s tea party.

9th bday 065And they found it…

So, now Alice and her friends were ready to go to the Tea Party…

This happens to be my 100th post as well!! Another Milestone!

The Tea Party..

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