Munch’s Birthday Party-1

The much-planned and awaited ninth birthday party of Munch was a great successs!!Most of the things went to plan…the party started on time,there was hundred percent turnout as all of Munch’s friends made it this time and all the kids went home happy.So here I am sharing my very own efforts at organizing this party with you all.

The theme as you might have seen in the earlier posts was Alice in Wonderland.In India, this is not one of the popular themes, so the markets in a small town like mine had nothing to offer.Keeping this in mind,I took up the challenge and decided to do as much as possible to bring the theme alive..

First up,I designed these Invites…

aar 030Next,I made cutouts of a few characters like the Mad Hatter,Alice,Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee,The Queen of Hearts,her soldiers…(am not an artist at all,hence the results may not be too great)

9th bday 013aar 045aar 039DSCN6583DSCN6586 DSCN6585

I shared this red and black banner with card shapes on it with you before..this is how it looked!9th bday 012I painted some bamboo baskets red and put white paper dots to make them look like mushrooms..

9th bday 015The balloons were blown into oversized flowers and mushrooms..DSCN6566

9th bday 020 DSCN6563 9th bday 0199th bday 023DSCN6577So, we were all set for Alice and her friends…

To be Continued…

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