Guess the theme!

Finally it is the BIrthday Week.

I am in the thick of preparations – shopping,coordinating,inviting,double checking…Am I growing paranoid?You bet ,I am.That is what happens when you are the only parent around for your kids.You just want to be perfect and give your children the best.I put in special efforts to make each of their birthdays special so that they have special memories of their childhood.Yes…one might think I sometimes overdo it and exhaust myself in the process.But that is how I am.In the midst of planning games for the kids,I thought I will let you play a guessing game of what the theme this year is.I know it will be easy for all of you talented mothers out there to guess.Anyways,I’ll still let you do it and show you my efforts in the process.

The First Clue..

aar 039The second clue

aar 045The Third clue..

aar 047The fourth and final clue..although I know you must have guessed by now..otherwise this surely is a giveawayaar 042 And here are the girls all excited…

aar 051That’s all I need..the smiles on their faces and of their friends who come over.Keeping my fingers crossed that it doesn’t rain otherwise…I have not thought of a plan B in my excitement.Please,please pray it doesn’t rain on Friday!!


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