Its the time to…PARTY!

With a week to go before Munch’s 9th birthday,I have been keeping busy scouring web pages and blogs for an ideal theme for  girls stepping into the double digits.The girls have had their quota of princess’ themes with every other party having the birthday girl dress-up as a princess with a tiara and wand et all.It was becoming too monotonous.The only other theme going around for girls’ parties was one of their favourite cartoon characters or games- Doraemon (which I have also given in to despite my protests),Chota Bheem, Angry birds(every other friends’ party has one or the other of these themes). I do not blame the parents either.There is not much stuff available in a small town like ours to take up complex themes as there are hardly any shops in the city which deal exclusively with Birthday supplies.Nothing much is available on Indian party supplies websites either apart from the above mentioned themes.

So after much thought and days of browsing ,I have finally zeroed in on a theme which I would share with you gradually.But for the time being ,for mothers like me who are obssessed about having a party for their kids at home with a penchant for personal touches, despite all  odds,here are few tips for planning a birthday party for your precious one-

1. The Guest list- This is of utmost importance.Who do you want to invite?Whether it would just be a kids party or a family party?How many kids would you like to invite so that there is enough room for them to run around and enjoy themselves?I generally call Munch’s friends for her party as she is now a big girl and friends hold an important place in her life.As for Perk , I call family since she is not old enough to have too many friends and parents of that age group are apprehensive about sending the little ones to parties and you yourself are under tremendous pressure of looking after the really young 2-3 year olds all the time.

2. The Theme-Once you have decided on who will be coming,you come to the difficult part of choosing a theme.For Perk’s birthday, I keep the themes simple like a colour theme or a fancy dress.For Munch’s birthday I have started experimenting after she turned 5.

3. The Invites- After finalising the guest list,you can either design,make or buy the requisite number of invites.I prefer making mine but if its a large group,then it would be advisable to buy the same.Distribute them a week ahead.

4. Order the cake- Ordering the perfect cake also takes time.I generally checkout different bakeries each time depending on the design and flavours that suit my theme the most.I don’t take the trouble of baking one myself after having to do all the running around by myself.One of the things ticked off the list.

5. Plan the Games- Parties for kids should be full of games.Keep the kids involved at all times.Plan different games for different age groups.A traditional game of musical chairs and Passing the parcel are always enjoyable.You could also have games related to your theme as well.Lots of kids party games ideas are available online.Arrange for music suitable for the kids in advance.

6. Make a checklist and shop for the decorations,balloons,disposables,party favors,wrapping sheets ,lots of small gift items to give away as prizes for games.Kids love even the smallest things wrapped in shiny paper.Believe me!

7. Plan the Menu- This is the most important part which requires lot of thought.Eleven Birthday parties later(8 for Munch and 3 for  Perk),I can tell you the sad part is despite your best efforts,kids waste a lot of food.So when planning the menu,you should keep a balance between healthy and savoury.Don’t have too many items.Concentrate on making the food look beautiful,hence tempting.Arrange for finger foods which the younger children can easily serve themselves.Small portions and sizes are also advisable to avoid wastage.

8. Party Favors- Shop for age appropriate party favours which would light up the faces of the children instantly.The  answer might lie in the birthday child’s current obssession or craze.As I told you earlier,kids are easier to please than adults.Anything wrapped in shiny paper and made with love makes them happy.

9. Children constantly ask for drinks throughout the party.So keep dispensers around for water as well as drinks.I have spent a lot of birthday parties serving water and drinks.Keep the dispensers outdoors and let the children help themselves.That way even if there is a mess,it doesn’t make a difference.

10` Finally,before the kids start trickling in,relax,take a deep breath and be prepared for the worst.Everything might not work out to plan despite your efforts as kids are most unpredictable.So if things go wrong,don’t fret.They are only kids and they do find a way to enjoy.There might be a lot of hiccups during the party but the kids won’t even notice it because they have no idea what your plan was.Be a part of them.Enjoy!

I hope this helps some of you.Now let me go back to my list….leaving you with pictures of another of Munch’s birthdays…her Fourth to be precise.

It was an Animal-themed party.And the invites were made by yours truly.

It was an Animal-themed party.And the invites were made by yours truly.

DSC00209DSC00250DSC00246DSC00248DSC00257DSC00269DSC00261DSC00267Linking this party to another party at Mommy Monday

1 thought on “Its the time to…PARTY!

  1. Wow! Lovely pics… can imagine all the effort behind this Antara 🙂
    Having a garden helps a lot I believe.. and is much more nicer than in a party hall..
    And thanks for the tips.. i’ve not arranged a party all these years.. but hope to plan one for Ammu’s 10th.. next year..

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