Of their first love..

Daddy’s are and will always be the first love for all daughters.So, whether he is a perfect husband or not, my daughters couldn’t have found a more perfect father.He adores them and would do anything for them.He may be called the Modern day dad who has never had any skirmishes about changing nappies,washing bottoms,putting on diapers,dressing them,bathing them,feeding them,playing with them and carrying them whenever we are out and a whole lot of things which normally Fathers would hesitate in doing .In that he has also proved in a way to be a perfect husband.Whenever he has the time,he would rather spend it taking Munch for a swim or Perk for a ride on his bike rather than go out for a game of golf himself.His priority is always his daughters . He more than makes up for the days and months when he is not available for them by his undivided attention when he is on leave at home.He is and will always be their first Hero ,their greatest strength and blessing.Happy Fathers’ day,Baba..

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