The Happy Suns Arrive..

I remember chancing upon The Bangalore Snob through a post on Colours Dekor only a fortnight ago.I remember reading most of her posts in one go.I remember falling in love with her Madhubani Art.I remember gushing over her idea of the nameboards.I remember placing an order instantly without waiting to read all the procedures.I remember how prompt she was in her replies and kept me updated through her mails.And just 15 minutes ago,when the courier guy rang the bell and delivered this,I could not control myself and I am doing this post now.The package arrived thus….

aar 008

aar 009aar 010aar 012I had ordered a dawn,dusk and day themed board showing the different phases of the sun.I thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.It was a pleasure to come across your blog and having an association with you.I hope we keep in touch always.And yes,my husband loved his advance birthday gift.Just waiting to get it framed as early as possible.I would request all my readers to hop over to visit this terrificly gifted blogger at

4 thoughts on “The Happy Suns Arrive..

  1. I just hopped over to The Bangalore Snob and apparently you live in Allahabad.
    I have spent my entire childhood there and am really fond of the place 🙂

    Would love to know more about you and your connection with the city.
    Do drop me an email 🙂


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