Kaziranga National Park-Part 3

Welcome back to the Jungle.So,we had a sumptuous lunch and went straight to where Chameli was waiting for us.Oh!let me introduce her to you…

Chameli ready to push off

Chameli ready to push off

The best way to get a feel of this particular forest is on an elephant’s back and Chameli did full justice to our expectations.The kids were thrilled  to see her.I was a little apprehensive but Chameli was too cute and friendly.But the moment she entered the jungle I saw her true spirit.She was fast,she was smart and she knew where to go.And soon enough we saw ourselves (or rather Chameli)in hot pursuit of a Mother and Baby Rhino pair.All the cameras went berserk clicking and flashing.

DSC05791 DSC05793 DSC05794 At one point,Chameli nearly brought us to the edge of the river and she was so fast that I closed my eyes visualizing ourselves in the water.Thankfully,she turned.Next,we spotted a wild buffalo.

DSC05784And some more trampling of the tall grass,some more jerks ,but more importantly more Rhinos.

DSC05778 DSC05782The feeling of being so close to the Rhinos in their own habitat cannot be put into words.Both the girls were “Mumma see” and “Mumma look”,through the entire ride.But the star of the show for me was undoubtedly,our dear Chameli.So,I would recommend to all those visiting the Kaziranga to take the Elephant Safari only which is open twice a day,once early in the morning and again in the afternoon.Its worth it!

And this last one for my Star…even her shadow looks gorgeous…Doesn’t it?



1 thought on “Kaziranga National Park-Part 3

  1. oh lovely captures, I have heard about Kaziranga from my husband and my father in law who had spent a considerable time in Assam. It is now top in my list of travel destinations.Really want to show my son the one horned rhino.Thanks for sharing.

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