From my backyard…

A  long time since I shared pictures from my backyard…it has been months of sheer toil and hard work  and patience that have yielded these results….finally….I have for myself and of course, my neighbours  too…

Juicy green cabbages

and 115 Yet to ripen tomatoes aplentyand 119 and 120Aubergines..

and 114My favorite cauliflowers

kumbh 042kumbh 041Last but not the least,first time ever I tried beetroots and waited seemed forever before I got a sizeable one today.

and 116I hope you love these as much as I loved putting it together for you.Wishing you all a Blessed Easter!

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6 thoughts on “From my backyard…

    • Yes,Nayana.Now since summers are here,we are going to have onions and gourds and mint and spinach.Its a heady feeling gardening.It teaches you a lot of patience.

  1. your garden must be beautiful~!!~the fruits of your labors look so tempting.
    it is just coming into an early spring here and although we do not normally get too much of a growing season I enjoy planting and harvesting what I can. it all tastes so much better when picked and immediately eaten.


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