Be the difference..

Generally,I do not blog about social issues or maybe I ‘ve never felt the need to discuss any social issues on my private blog.Whenever something happens, so much has already been said about the issue that I feel nothing more can be added to it.But this time ,even though much has been said,I felt like I too had to voice my own opinion on the Delhi rape case.As is being said ,this is indeed a black day for all of India.The failure of an entire nation to provide a safer place for the women of the country to live in.And I would reiterate that, Indeed ,ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

I am also bringing up two daughters and I am also concerned about their future.tHEY ARE MY LIFE.I love them,fulfill all their desires and needs and give them a secure and safe environment.But when the time comes for them to fulfill their own dreams,will I have the courage to send them away?I keep asking myself this question.Will I keep fretting each day and have sleepless nights when they finally leave home to pursue their dreams?Will I have to tell them to be careful when they step out on the roads each time?Will I have to tell them “Don’t wear this,it may put you in danger”?Will my daughters’ safety also be a matter of chance.No.Let us bring the change now.Let us do whatever it takes to bring that change.Let us be the difference we want to see.

Stop giving Barbies and soft cuddly toys as gifts to little girls and guns and cars to the boys.We as parents should also play a part in bringing about a change in mentality in the growing years of our children.If you send your daughter to a dance or music class, send your son there too.If you are sending your son to a martial arts class,ensure your daughter goes there as well.Who said that  a girl must know how to cook and a son has no need to do so? Why can’t your son get a glass of water for the guest when the daughter does it all the time?Stop gender discrimination at home and in school and it will go a long way.

Let the anger,the frustration,the sorrow and the pain not die today.Let us take a new year’s resolution today itself, to keep those candles burning….
The system which has also miserably failed to come up with a single satisfactory solution despite nationwide protests and instead is focussing on shutting down Delhi and protecting India Gate As one of my blogger friends’ rightly says,”Let us all boycott the Republic day celebrations.” What do we have to celebrate anyway when 50% of our population still has to live in fear and cry hoarse for justice?Let the Prime Minister and the President address vacant spaces.When they are not ready to hear us out at India Gate today,they have no right to call us there, when they want to say something.We have no ears for them if they have none for us.
If this singular incident has stirred the nation’s conscience,let the story be told as many times as it can be and repeated by as many people as possible.

I want a safer country for my daughters.

A mother of two Angels.

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