Taking the plunge..again

All this while,since Perky’s birth,I have been heart and soul into motherhood, which you know ,soaks up all the energies.It makes you forget that you had a life before this second bundle of joy arrived.It is hard to remember which was the last real book I read without putting it down and forgetting all about it the next day.I have no idea what is happening in the world of music which used to be one of my favourite pursuits.Although I did manage to read the newspaper everyday albeit in bits and pieces and spend a few minutes on the net when the babies would be taking their afternoon nap.The remaining time would be divided between getting Munch’s homework done and cooking and washing and feeding and finally putting them into bed not without having read a story or two when all your mind wanted to do was rest.Being their sole caretaker because of the hubby not being there to help or share the responsibilities made it absolutely impossible to socialise. It would be an understatement to say that it gives me immense pleasure the way the two girls have developed.The last year I saw the shy Munch become more social,independent  and confident.The hyperactive and spirited Perk settled down in school more easily than I thought making me a worth-every-minute-spent proud mother.

In the last two months that Perk started going to school, I suddenly found a lot of spare time and I decided to take the plunge…again.When Munch started going to school,I took up a job in her school and now I applied for a job in Perk’s school and got it.It is a perfect situation for all three of us.I love teaching and nothing could suit us better than Perk and me going to the same school and coming back home earlier than Munch who goes to a big school and has longer hours.And a little, miniscule extra income  which I could spend on buying books and music.I know all three of us would take some time to fit in to the new routine.But we shall all try and give it the best shot.Wish us luck!

Here are some pictures of the two odd years I spent being a hands-on mother.

Munch playing the fairy in Cinderella on annual day.

Perk's first birthday

happy times

With Papa at the India gate

Looking forward to even better times..