Munch in her 2nd Grade..

As another academic year comes to a close and Munch moves on from the 2nd grade to the 3rd,I sat down and reflected as to how much the past year has taught my child and how much she has grown as an individual.Definitely, more confident and independent than before…

Since Perk had started taking up most of my time,I felt a slight guilt of not being able to spend that much time with Munch as I would have liked to.Perk is a demanding child and she wants all the attention she can have.But my dear Munch never complained.She loved her sister and the presence of Nani and Dadu made up for whatever time i was not able to give her. She has become more responsible at home as well as at school.She can now get into her school uniform herself and i just have to do her hair.Though the morning milk still has to be drained down her throat somehow.She loses lesser number of pencils,erasers and other stationery than she did last year.She manages to complete her class assignments on time albeit she still writes slower than most other students in her class.She finishes the lunch she carries with her which was a major problem last year.So over all my little Munch has grown and is slowly but steadily progressing in the right direction.

Academically she has done very well.I am particularly happy for she has done exceptionally well in subjects which require confidence and skill like reading and recitation.Spellings are also her strong point.I am hopeful she will do well when her results are out next week.(fingers crossed)Her weaknesses though still remain – handwriting and painting.I hope she overcomes these barriers too in the coming year.

She is learning to play the casio and takes keen interest in the same.She has learnt to play the National Anthem ,Saare Jahan se Accha,” We Shall Overcome ” besides  rhymes.She cycles with confidence too.

Her biggest achievement this year has been in the inter-school elocution competition.She was one of the two  chosen to represent her class in this event.That itself was an achievement.She went ahead and won the second position in a closely fought contest which saw her miss the first position by a single point.Though we had not been invited  to witness the eventI,I had tears of joy in my eyes when she came home with her prize.Hugs.This is going to remain one of my proudest moments ever.

As both of us gear up for another academic year,here’s wishing my Munch lots of luck and love and the power to rise and shine .Enjoy the year ahead…lots of learning and yearning.


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