Lil Perk wanted to play with her pink basket of toys.I had just sat down after cleaning up the house and did not like the idea of a mess just minutes after.She looked at me with pleading eyes “Mumma Pleej“.I laughed and pulled out the basket from under the bed and asked her to put back the toys after play.She nodded her head and replied “Mumma Pomish“(promise).

After an hour of pulling out each and every toy out of the basket ,obviously tired, she wandered out of the room.I called out after her,”Perk did you put all the toys back?.”She looked at Munch with the same look in her eyes and said,”Didi,pleej helf me“.I gave a nod and so Munch started putting back her toys into the basket.The clever brat stood by looking down at Munch encouragingly ,“Bhery good,didi.Bhery good” and “Good gal“.

There is no doubt about who is the boss out there.Does your little one also bully the older sibling?Do share.

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